Welcome to ‘Carry Liberty’, a blog that will attempt to clarify gun laws, rights, and ownership. I have grown increasingly tired of misinformation, hyperbole, and direct lies being reported by a lazy and biased media, by anti-gun activist organizations, and taken as fact by a largely uninformed public.I will present facts on gun laws in the State of Georgia, a comparative look at laws in other states as well as on the Federal level. I will also look at the racial and politicized history of gun control.

Please keep in mind that I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on T.V. All of the information here is presented to the best of my ability to research the ever changing gun laws and political landscape. I will, if upon further research, or if I am notified of one, correct any errors or mistakes. I do not intend to cause debate on the need of gun ownership or on the validity of the carrying of firearms, but I do believe in self protection, preservation, and determination. In short, I believe in personal liberty.

Below is a short list of future articles that I will present as time allows and not necessarily in the order of listing.

Gun Facts and Terminology
If you are going to have an intelligent conversation concerning firearms (or any other subject), you need to know what you are talking. It is that simple.

This will be an ongoing project as there are a lot of terms to compile and I didn’t want to keep from posting it while I work on other articles.

Gun Carry Licensing
A basic FYI on how to submit for and obtain a carry license in Georgia.

This will be a segue into gun laws in Georgia. A comparative look at other state’s license requirements and gun laws in the country will be performed in future articles.

H.B. 60
A straight forward explanation of the most recent gun law passage in Georgia.

Carrying a firearm. Where and how you can carry and where you can’t.
Once you have a license, you need to know where you can and cannot carry. And what to do if someone says you can’t.

The (Racial) History of Gun Laws – The Secret Behind Early Gun Control Laws
The real reason behind early gun control was to help in the preventing of, and in response to, slave rebellions and to purposely prevent freed blacks (Freedmen) from owning and carrying firearms that would protect them from attacks from disorganized white supremacists and the resulting KKK.

Gun Laws in other States – A comparison
Georgia gun laws are not as ‘radical’ as some people may have allowed themselves to be lead to believe.

A Case History of Gun Laws in Georgia
The progression of gun laws in Georgia and their impact of today’s ability to own and carry firearms within the state.

A Case History of Gun Laws in the United States
Gun Case law on the Federal Level.

Am I Being Detained? Why you do not have to talk to the Police
There is a reason for the 4th Amendment. Knowing that there are constitutional limits to the how, when and why of police encounters.

How to buy a firearm
A glimpse into the process for buying a firearm in the State of Georgia as well as a look into the process of buying federally restricted firearms.

Various Commentaries on Gun Ownership, Gun Control and the Forgotten Constitutional Restrictions of Government on Personal Liberty.